October 24th – Resume Workshop

Tonight we have the awesome chance to work with our very own Sandy Brown from the WWU Career Center. We want to help you create a stellar resume to stand out when applying for your next job/internship!

The meeting is in Parks Hall 228 at 6 PM, and most likely will be going over to a lab during the hour so bring an electronic copy of your resume to work on.

Hope to see you all there, and if you know of any friends that may need some help on their resumes invite them too!

Author: wwumisaofficers

The purpose of MISA is to engage and educate current and future MIS students regarding MIS related topics. We strive to show students the vast possibilities that MIS can bring them. We do this in a variety of ways: We have industry professionals come in to discuss their companies and their lives as MIS graduates. – We visit companies and tour their facilities in order to understand how IT enabled companies are changing business solutions. – We provide a Mentor Program through Facebook that allows current MISA members and MIS students a chance to connect and discuss classes, the major, and career opportunities. – We also like to have fun, we will go bowling, have potluck dinners and even have a gigantic end-of-the-year picnic!

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