October 10th – Ernst and Young

Ernst & Young WWU MISA

Hello MISA’liebers!

This Monday we have the amazing opportunity to hear from Sisi Ren representing Ernst and Young. EY is one of the leading “Big Four” professional services firms. Dedicated to building a better working world, EY provides services to companies in over 150 countries through their advisory, assurance, tax, and consulting lines. She will be speaking to us about how MIS is used within her company. Also we will be hearing for our spectacular President Ryan Loen and Vice President Christopher Beh at the beginning of the meeting, They will be sharing with us some information about the MIS Major and the job and career paths that it can offer.

Reminder to all to sign up for the Seattle GiveCamp NOW so we have time to prepare for next weekend. Also know that club dues are needed at the meeting before you leave. These dues pay for the pizza and other expenditures that incur from running MISA. Dues are $15 per quarter or $40 for the year.

We can’t wait to see you guys there! Invite your friends to enjoy the good company and free pizza! It will definitely be a meeting worth going to!

Author: wwumisaofficers

The purpose of MISA is to engage and educate current and future MIS students regarding MIS related topics. We strive to show students the vast possibilities that MIS can bring them. We do this in a variety of ways: We have industry professionals come in to discuss their companies and their lives as MIS graduates. – We visit companies and tour their facilities in order to understand how IT enabled companies are changing business solutions. – We provide a Mentor Program through Facebook that allows current MISA members and MIS students a chance to connect and discuss classes, the major, and career opportunities. – We also like to have fun, we will go bowling, have potluck dinners and even have a gigantic end-of-the-year picnic!

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