Monday 10/26

WWU MISA Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

It’s finally here, today we will each be creating our own professional websites. Impress future employers with a dynamic online resume, class projects and whatever else you want them to see!

We will walk you through the setup process for creating your WordPress account, getting a domain, using the WordPress Dashboard, and more.

Come prepared with content to make your website stand out from the rest! Once completed our plan is to publish all MISA member sites on Meet us in PH 244 at 6 pm for pizza and drinks before we head over to PH 210.

(No laptops are required, we have reserved PH 210 from 6 – 8 pm.)

Tableau Workshop Reminder:

Don’t forget that this Thursday, October 29th in PH 210 at 4 pm, we are sponsoring a Tableau workshop for all CBE students. This is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience on software made by one of the fastest growing data visualization companies in the country. Knowing how to manipulate data using this software will surely be a resource for your resume and your NEW website! We hope to see everyone there!

Sign-up online at:

-The MISA Officers

Author: wwumisaofficers

The purpose of MISA is to engage and educate current and future MIS students regarding MIS related topics. We strive to show students the vast possibilities that MIS can bring them. We do this in a variety of ways: We have industry professionals come in to discuss their companies and their lives as MIS graduates. – We visit companies and tour their facilities in order to understand how IT enabled companies are changing business solutions. – We provide a Mentor Program through Facebook that allows current MISA members and MIS students a chance to connect and discuss classes, the major, and career opportunities. – We also like to have fun, we will go bowling, have potluck dinners and even have a gigantic end-of-the-year picnic!

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