MIS Association

Seattle Give Camp 2016 – Microsoft Campus Redmond, WA


Not only is MISA is the official club of the MIS major, it is also a critical resource for MIS students, helping individuals form strong skill sets and impressive resumes when it comes to finding a job or internship. 100% of officers and 80% of members receive internships and jobs within the IT industry before graduation. MISA brings recruiters to its members and its members to recruiters through meetings and events throughout the year. If you love the business side to technology and vice-versa, MISA is for you.

Why MIS?

If you haven’t heard, a degree in Management Information Systems is a big deal. The technology industry is currently one of the most promising and lucrative fields for graduates and job seekers. We’re talking median salaries of an average of $60,000 – $80,000 dollars right out of college – which is on average $14,000 more than other Western graduates. More importantly, MIS graduates love their job for more than just money; the impact, satisfaction, and fun that comes with one of the fastest growing job markets available really brings it home for this career path.

What Do We Do?

The purpose of MISA is to engage and educate current and prospective MIS students regarding MIS related subjects. We show students what they can achieve with an MIS education. The following are just some of the ways we facilitate the MIS culture at Western Washington University:

  • We invite industry leaders to come in and discuss their professional work experience and qualifications as MIS graduates.
  • We visit companies and tour their facilities to understand how IT-enabled companies are creating business solutions.
  • We also have fun outside of meetings/events. We go bowling, hold potlucks, and even throw a gigantic end-of-the-year picnic!

MISA is more than just a club at Western, it’s family.